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Why Free Proxies are Not a Good Idea

I’m sure you have used a free proxy in the past but you really need to stop and ask yourself why they are free.  They need to be making money some way especially if they own the server because that is an expense for them as well as the bandwidth that you use when you are on their server.

So it makes you wonder why they would offer it for free when it costs them money.  Some may be doing Google Adsense on the server so they are showing ads that they hope you will click on which can be a little distracting when you are trying to use their service.  Another thought is that they are monitoring your traffic in hopes of stealing your identity.  If you enter any personal information on the Internet, you are opening yourself up to identity theft while you are on their servers.

Some of these free proxies don’t even own the proxy server that they are routing your traffic through.  They find a server with no security in place and route your traffic through there server.  This is going to allow any hacker to intercept your Internet traffic and monitor what you are doing on-line where they can capture your logins and passwords.  This really isn’t a good idea especially if you make a purchase using your credit card where the website doesn’t have encryption and security in place.

The other problem with free proxies are that they are generally recognized as a proxy so if you are trying to get around your work or school Internet restrictions, you will probably find that the free proxies will not work because they know it is a proxy.  The other issue with free proxies is that they are web-based so they will not work with any 3rd party applications that you may have.

It just doesn’t make sense to use a free proxy where you are in jeopardy of identity theft.  You should really look at a product that is a monthly private proxy service because that means they own the servers and are having to pay for bandwidth.